We examine the patentability of your ideas and represent you in application proceedings, examination proceedings, opposition and appeal proceedings at the European Patent Office.

Our Intellectual Property (IP) Services:

  • Advice in all procedural matters of the European Patent Convention (EPC)
  • Conducting searches (patents, trademarks, designs)
  • Drafting and filing European and international patent applications under the EPC in a wide range of technological fields
  • Initiating the filing of patent applications in a large number of countries
  • Conducting examination procedures of European patent applications until grant of the patent
  • Conducting opposition and appeal proceedings under the EPC
  • Advising on the creation of IP strategies
  • Implementation of monetary patent evaluations in accordance with DIN 77100
  • IP portfolio management, including annual fees and renewal fees

Through our cooperation partners:

  • Advice on all aspects regarding trademarks, designs and unfair competition
  • Advice on infringement of patents, designs and trademarks
  • Filing of trademarks and designs
  • Litigation (infringement and invalidity of IP rights)


We offer new clients a free initial consultation in which they receive basic knowledge of the relevant IP right, so they can decide which approach is best for them.

Average Costs of Selected Services:

with a time expenditure of 10 to 15 hours and with up to 15 patent claims

  • including filing with the Austrian Patent Office and fees: EUR 3,500.00 - EUR 5,000.00
  • including filing with the European Patent Office and fees: EUR 4,500.00 to EUR 6,500.00
  • Filing as international patent application (PCT application) including fees: EUR 6,500.00 to EUR 8,000.00

including usual fees (and including 10 years of protection upon registration): EUR 850.00 to EUR 1,000.00

including usual fees (and including protection for the first 10 years upon registration): EUR 1.800,00 to EUR 2.200,00

including usual fees and protection for the first 5 years (if registered): EUR 750,00 to EUR 900,00