dipl. ing. edith vinazzer

european patent attorney

Our services are distinguished by comprehensive experience, in-depth technical and scientific knowledge, personal contact and meeting the desires and needs of our clients.

The "first" consultation services taking into account the aims/wishes of the client include
          • assessing the freedom from patents of third parties and the patentability of an idea and
          • selecting the most effective possibilities for protection taking into consideration the prior art.

This is followed by drawing up property rights applications, in particular patent applications, primarily in accordance with the provisions of the European Patent Convention. European patent applications, international patent applications filed under the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) and their follow-up applications are looked after and tracked until the patent is granted in a professional manner.

If opposition is filed against a European patent granted for a client, this will be defended along with relevant consultation on the strategy to be pursued. Our services also cover filing oppositions to granted European patents of third parties. Our consultation services also include consultation in patent infringement issues.

To round off our services, we offer a number of accompanying services including compiling patent searches, analysing property rights of competitors, creating property rights strategies and looking after and advising on patent portfolios.